In Toronto, DoorDash Canada will now provide cannabis ordering and pickup services through a new partnership with retail and lifestyle brand Superette.

“Every element of the experience has been carefully considered with the goal of making our retail experience digital on the DoorDash platform,” Superette co-founder and chief brand officer Drummond Munro said in a public statement.

The goal, according to the Superette team, is to recognize and actively embrace evolving consumer demands for convenient online ordering and pickup options. This is a long-running dynamic in commercial retail landscapes—the ability to shop easily online—and the pandemic certainly accelerated the average consumer’s willingness to engage with online ordering services. Now, cannabis businesses are rapidly acclimating to this strategy.

Each Superette location will display curated menus through the DoorDash app, offering consumers up-to-the-minute selections from the store.

According to a press release announcing the news, “Superette will verify IDs and strictly enforce maximum possession amount at the store during pickup.”