Louisiana’s registered medical cannabis patients now have access to smokable flower as lawmakers consider additional ways to expand the program, but the state’s current laws say nothing about medical cannabis in the workplace.

Rep. Mandie Landry, D-New Orleans, aimed to change that with a bill that would make it illegal for public companies or departments to refuse to hire a candidate because they are a medical cannabis cardholder, according to a local WAFB report.

The legislation would not have prevented employers from reprimanding employees who are impaired or using medical cannabis at work, the news outlet reported.

The bill ultimately died in committee this week when some lawmakers deemed Landry’s bill unnecessary since employers can make changes to their policies about medical cannabis and the workplace without a new law, WAFB reported.

Landry voluntarily deferred her bill and now intends to work with committee members who offered suggestions to rework the legislation, according to the news outlet.