Michigan’s adult-use retailers participated in their third 4/20 last week, and initial sales data for the day showed that the state’s most popular products—flower and vape cartridges—soared off the shelves.

Customers purchased 4,619 pounds cannabis flower, representing a 141.6% increase from the 1,912 pounds sold in 2021, according to Andrew Brisbo, executive director of the state’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA).

Continuing an upward sales trend, the 1,912 pounds sold last year was a 344.7% increase from the 430 pounds sold in 2020, Brisbo announced.

“Consumers purchased more than $15.5 million of marijuana product from [Michigan] retailers yesterday,” Brisbo said April 21 on social media. “Overall sales continue to increase despite significant price decreases year over year.”

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Reigning king among retail products in Michigan’s adult-use market, flower sales accounted for $652.2 million in 2021, or roughly 49.7% of the state’s $1.31-billion market, according to CRA monthly data reports. Overall, Michigan sold 186,128 pounds of adult-use cannabis flower last year.

Meanwhile, vape cartridges represented Michigan’s second largest share of the retail product market in 2021. 

On April 20, 2022, more than 140,000 adult-use vape carts were sold—100,000 more than last year, according to Brisbo.

Overall, Michigan retailers sold $15,558,079 of cannabis products on 4/20, representing a 45.4% increase from the $10.7 million in products sold in 2021 (which was up 191.4% from 2020 sales).

CRA spokesman David Harns said on social media that the 10% excise tax (on top of the state’s sales tax) collected from the sales goes a long way toward funding state and local improvement projects.

“Impressive numbers in this thread regarding 4/20 marijuana sales in Michigan,” he said, commenting on the initial data figures Brisbo reported. “This translates to over $2.55 million in excise taxes and state sales taxes in one day—money that makes its way to schools, roads, and local government budgets.”

Michigan’s adult-use tax revenues from fiscal 2021 generated $42.2 million that went back to participating municipalities and counties, $49.3 million for education and $49.3 million for transportation funds.


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