Coloradans will soon be able to enjoy a new bar-and-lounge atmosphere but without the alcohol.

JAD’s Mile High Smoke plans to open its bar-themed cannabis consumption lounge April 22 on Washington Street, on Denver’s north side, where adults 21 and older will be able to purchase cannabis products as well as smoke, eat and drink on-site.

Josh Davis, the lounge’s owner, has spent the last four-plus years helping other Colorado cannabis businesses get their feet under them as the CEO and founder of Legacy 64 LLC, a Denver-based management consulting firm specializing in compliance, applications and licensing, facility build-outs and inspections, risk management, standard operating procedure writing, and sales and marketing.

With that background and experience, Davis told The Denver Post that he’s the appropriate person to trailblaze a path for consumption lounges in the cannabis sales and hospitality business sector of the industry.

“I am giving recreational users a safe place to come in and consume marijuana,” he told the news outlet. “A safe place to come and get high, be relaxed, stay as long as you want or you have to, because I’m not going to let you leave inebriated.”

JAD’s 4,000-square-foot facility will offer a place for customers to purchase and consume/use cannabis flower, prerolls, dabs, vape cartridges, single-use vape pens and edibles, including THC-infused sparkling water, soda and non-alcoholic beer on tap at its bar, the Denver Post reported.

Under state law, consumption lounge goers will be limited to purchase up to 2 grams of flower, a half-gram of concentrate or 20 milligrams of edibles per visit, the news outlet reported.

JAD’s will also feature a basic food menu, TVs, arcade and video games, and an outdoor patio with a small stage to host bands and comedians during special events.