The South Dakota Aberdeen City Council approved four medical cannabis dispensary licenses March 28.

According to the meeting agenda, the four licenses were approved for the following businesses:

Genesis Farms LLC, to operate dispensaries at 1812 Sixth Ave. S.E., 10 Railroad Ave. S.W. and 428 N. U.S. Highway 281, Suite 1; andDakota Herb LLC, to operate a dispensary at 3307 Seventh Ave. S.E., Suite 10.

According to the “Issues/Alternatives to Consider” section within the applications, the current population of Aberdeen is 28,495. The number of cannabis dispensaries was limited to one per every 5,000 people; however, that has changed to six dispensaries based on the population. 

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Joe Gaa, Aberdeen city manager, said the council is currently processing a fifth medical cannabis license application, and a sixth one was submitted last week, Aberdeen News reported.