The Colorado House Business Affairs and Labor Committee rewrote—and then ultimately killed—legislation that would have prohibited employers from firing or refusing to hire an employee based on cannabis use.

As originally introduced by Reps. Edie Hooton and Brianna Titone, House Bill 1152 would have also required employers to let their workers consume medical cannabis on the job, except in dangerous fields or jobs that require the use of heavy machinery.

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The House Business Affairs and Labor Committee unanimously decided to rewrite the legislation March 24, replacing it with a proposal to create a task force that would study the use of medical cannabis in employment, according to a 9 News report.

The committee then voted, 12-1, to indefinitely postpone the bill, the news outlet reported.

“The original bill has been introduced five times in the legislature and each time it has failed,” Hooton told 9 News. “[This would have] opened up the conversation between employers and workers, which is in the best interest of both parties.”