(Brewer, ME) March 28, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – Cann Drying Systems, an industry leading provider of commercial-scale turnkey drying & curing systems for the cannabis and hemp industries, announced today a new distribution partnership with Omega Equipment & Supply, the leading full-service nationwide supply chain solution provider for the cannabis industry – serving cultivators, processors, manufacturers, dispensaries, distributors, and testing facilities. Omega also offers custom design build fabrication in addition to a full range of equipment and supplies for the cannabis industry. The partnership between cannabis industry leaders looks to bring a greater level of automation and efficiency to the industry’s post-harvest process.

The new partnership looks to bring Cann Systems’ CDS line of turnkey cannabis drying & curing chambers to a broader audience of cannabis operators, while adding another quality supplier to Omega’s offering as they look to greater expand their custom design build fabrication portion of their business.

“We have been seeking a partnership with an industry-specific equipment provider that shares our vision for advancing the overall efficiency of the cannabis industry,” said Ton Mathissen, CEO at Cann Drying Systems. “Omega shares the same dedication to innovation and further advancement of the industry that we do.”

“Our goal is to help our customers run their businesses more efficiently and profitably,” said Eric G. Myers, COO for Omega Equipment & Supply. “The Cann Drying Systems’ solution(s) effectively help to support this goal through automation and efficiency gains.”

The partnership between Omega Equipment & Supply and Cann Drying Systems comes as no surprise. As the cannabis industry continues to mature so does the need for process efficiencies and further automation throughout the post-harvest supply chain. With more cultivators increasing plant counts to capture greater market share, the need for scalable drying & curing solutions continues to be a challenge for operations of all sizes. This new partnership will give greater visibility and reach to the innovations Cann Systems is bringing to the industry as well as help Omega further establish themselves as the industry leading equipment supplier.

“Our equipment is designed to function at peak levels whether drying small amounts of flower for boutique cannabis operators or at scale for large MSOs,” Mathissen said. “Being able to perform consistently at scale is an industry problem we believe we’ve solved.”

Omega Equipment & Supply will begin offering Cann Drying System’s line of CDS equipment starting in Q2 2022.