Product will feature locally sourced fruits

Vivid, a leading marijuana manufacturer based in Springfield, Missouri, is releasing a new line of THC-infused gummies to celebrate the brand’s local roots. Missouri’s Own
Edibles will launch statewide March 23 with locally inspired packaging and flavors. The edibles will come in tins of 10 gummies, with each edible containing 10 mg of TCH plus flavors with CBD, CBN and CBG. Missouri’s Own Edibles are made with vegan and all natural ingredients and have a suggested retail price starting at $30.

Each flavor is inspired by Missouri’s native edibles, like pawpaw — the only tropical fruit native to Missouri — and locally cultivated fruits such as raspberry, blackberry, green apple, concord grape, wild cherry and watermelon. The logo on the packaging features an “M” illustrated to represent Missouri’s rolling hills and includes a section called “The MO you know” with a local fact about the flavor.

“Right now, the best-selling edible brands in Missouri are the property of big, out-of-state operators,” said Boston Dickerson, Vivid’s CEO. “Missouri’s Own Edibles capture the pride we have for our state, and it assures customers they’re supporting a local business while keeping their money in Missouri.”


In October, a federal judge removed a Missouri residency requirement that mandated operating companies must have at least 51% of ownership tied to Missouri residents. Since then, a flood of new brands from multi-state operators have filled dispensaries across Missouri.

Vivid has established itself as a leader in the Missouri market as the best-selling wax brand (per BDSA data), and won Greenway Magazine’s Readers Choice Awards for best capsule and best tincture in 2021. Vivid will continue to innovate and manufacture products for cannabis connoisseurs, while Missouri’s Own Edibles is geared to a broader audience to include new marijuana users.

The launch of the brand will be supported by billboards touting a “support local” message targeting marijuana users traveling across state lines to purchase marijuana without a medical card in Illinois or Oklahoma.

“We wanted to create an edible for Missourians by Missourians, and we’re really excited for these to hit shelves at dispensaries across the state,” said Dickerson. “Whether it is craft beer, a small restaurant or a dispensary, I’m a firm believer of supporting locally owned businesses whenever you can. With Missouri’s Own, we’re excited to offer a locally made product for Missourians.”

Vivid’s expert extraction team applies the precision of modern science to optimize traditional hash making techniques, bringing products to Missouri that are on the forefront of cannabis innovation globally. Vivid’s wide range of products derives from the brand’s focus on different cannabis users, and is built on understanding cannabis affects everyone differently. Learn more at

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