After the Nebraska Supreme Court struck down the organization’s medical cannabis legalization measure before the 2020 election, Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana is making a run at the November 2022 ballot.

Up against a July 7 deadline to gather 87,000 signatures, the group hosted more than 100 signing events in 35 cities last weekend, according to a local KETV report.

The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that the organization’s 2020 ballot initiative violated the state’s single subject rule, and Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana has since filed two separate medical cannabis initiatives with the Secretary of State.

The first would require the Nebraska Legislature to enact laws to protect doctors who recommend cannabis to their patients, as well as patients who possess and use medical cannabis, from criminal penalty.

The second initiative would require the Legislature to pass legislation to establish a regulatory framework that legally protects businesses that produce and sell medical cannabis.

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Lawmakers are also considering their own medical cannabis proposal, Legislative Bill 1275, which would allow qualifying patients to access medical cannabis in oil or pill form.

The bill outlines four qualifying conditions: Stage IV cancer; uncontrolled seizures; severe or persistent muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy; and a terminal illness with a probable life expectancy of less than one year.