This week, Missouri Department of Agriculture issued its annual report for the state’s industrial hemp program. 

Key highlights and takeaways from the report show that both planted acreage and compliant acreage nearly doubled in size over prior year. Additionally, fiber production rose 131%, increasing the represented market percentage by nearly 9%. On the opposite end of the spectrum, non-CBD hemp flower acreage and production fell dramatically, losing nearly 93% of the acreage planted for ‘other’ flower in 2020.

The percentage of compliant acreage also grew, rising from +68% in 2020 to +72% in 2021. That’s good news for Missouri’s farmers as an increase in overall acreage often coincides with more unharvested crops. 

According to the National Hemp Report, published in February, Missouri hemp farmers grew 270 acres of uncovered hemp for flower, yielding 221,000 pounds of hemp flower with 214,000 pounds utilized, but data shows Missouri farmers received some of the lowest prices in the nation garnering only $15.90 per pound for outdoor-grown hemp flower.

Missouri farmers grew over 800 acres of fiber hemp last year, yielding over 2.5 million pounds of fiber, with over 99% utilized. Missouri’s per pound price of $0.14 ranked last in the nation of reported states according to USDA.


View the Missouri Program Summary in full below:


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