RATIO announces the statewide launch of its Microdose Mints and Dose Controlled Vaporizers, available in each of their signature THC-to-CBD ratios: ActiveFocusBalanceRelax, and Soothe.

“The release of RATIO mints continues to build on our brand mission of providing patients unparalleled control of their everyday cannabis experience, in a convenient, discreet, and enjoyable form factor,” said COO Matt LaBrier.

RATIO focuses on specific THC-to-CBD ratios to foster desired effects and enhance wellness through personalized cannabis experiences delivered in a reliable and convenient manner. These RATIOs were derived from “The Green Book,” the official clinical cannabis guidelines set by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

“I suggest RATIO as an option for patients who are new to medical cannabis use and are not sure where to begin,” stated Proper Brands Medical Director Dr. Trish Hurford. “Patients can determine what effect they desire given their medical condition and their lifestyle, and select the ratios that work best for them. RATIO is a simple, easy, and safe way to begin improving health conditions for those who just don’t know where to start.”

These microdose mints allow patients to have a heightened level of control of their experiences with medicinal cannabis, whether they’re new to cannabis or experienced. By offering low dose options (2.5mg or under), patients are able to start small and adjust their dosages until the desired effects are achieved.

RATIO mints are made with a pure, tasteless distillate that is created in-house with cannabis grown by Proper Cannabis’s cultivation team. This same distillate is used in the Dose Controlled Vaporizers, launched in mid-2021.

Each discreet, child-resistant mint tin comes with 40 mints. Once dissolved under the tongue, onset time and duration will vary, but typically effects begin within 30-60 minutes and it will last 4-8 hours.


Active 20:1 Energize.  Uplift.  Invigorate.
Focus 5:1 Create. Imagine. Concentrate.
Balance 1:1 Rejuvenate. Center. Equalize.
Relax 1:5 Ease.  Unwind.  Chill.
Soothe 1:20 Relieve.  Comfort.  Rest.


For more information on the 5 RATIOs, please click here. Their dosages can be found here.


RATIO believes in using specific THC to CBD formulas to help you live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life. Our dose controlled vaporizers and microdose mints allow you to start small and adjust your dosages to achieve your desired effects.

About Proper Brands

Proper Brands is a fully vertical medical marijuana company in the state of Missouri with a vision to lead and inspire their community through the power of cannabis.

Proper Brands is composed of Proper Cannabis, RATIO, and Honeybee Edibles.

For more information, please visit properbrands.com.

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