The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) has suspended the cultivation and production licenses of a North Las Vegas operation after discovering what regulators called “a present threat to public health and safety,” according to a local KSNV report.

Board members voted unanimously March 4 to suspend the licenses of NLVG, LLC, which does business as Desert Bloom Cultivation, after agents investigating a complaint found that cannabis plants and packages were improperly tagged—or untagged altogether—and not tracked in Nevada’s seed-to-sale tracking system, KSNV reported.

The investigation also revealed that some cannabis that failed state-required testing was retested or sent to production without the CCB’s approval, according to the news outlet. In addition, investigators found that some batches of cannabis had their weight changed after testing, KSNV reported.

Cannabis products affected by these issues were then likely sold at dispensaries across the state, according to the news outlet.

Desert Bloom must now submit a plan of correction to the CCB to get its licenses reinstated, KSNV reported. The company must suspend all operations until the corrections are verified by regulators.