Monday, medical marijuana operators around the state were notified via email that Department of Health and Senior Services Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation personnel are gearing up to begin the annual inspection process. 

In a letter obtained by Greenway, the Department advises operators, “we are sending out this notice to prepare facilities for the Annual Inspection Process. The Department will initiate the Annual Inspection process by notifying the Licensee via email. The email will include requests for information and documentation. The Department will complete a review of the documentation and reach out to set up a physical inspection.”

After a physical inspection, compliant operators will be issued an Annual Compliance Verification Letter. Facilities who are deemed to have compliance issues during the inspection process may be issued an Initial Notice of Violation (INOV). The letter also cautions operators that “pursuant to 19 CSR 30-95.040(1)(F)2, violating any provision of 19 CSR 30-95 may result in suspension or revocation of license.” The letter does not define what violations would dictate suspension or revocation as opposed to an INOV.

The Department also issued several new pieces of guidance documentation to accompany the letter and aid operators in preparing for the annual inspection process, including Facility Contract Request List, Requested Document Lists for each facility type, and Inspection Forms for each facility type. Operators should take special note that Guidance Document 11 is also referenced in the list of resources regarding annual inspections. As such, licensees should be prepared to support and show progress on material deviations.

Read the Annual Inspections Letter and Contract Request List below:



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