LAS VEGAS, March 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PRESS RELEASE — Gb Sciences, Inc., a plant-inspired, biopharmaceutical research and development company, has been issued a new patent today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a cannabinoid-containing mixture designed to treat cardiac hypertrophy, often present in advanced heart disease. Gb Sciences’ newly issued patent also covers the use of these receptor-targeted formulations for the treatment of TRPV1-receptor-associated hearing loss and urinary cystitis.

Despite multiple categories of prescription heart medications on the market, heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States for people of most racial and ethnic groups. Alternative therapeutic approaches are still needed, especially for the treatment of advanced heart disease. The market for prescription heart disease medications is predicted to rise to $64 billion dollars in the US by 2026, with future market growth fueled by innovative new therapeutic approaches.

“At Gb Sciences, our novel approach to drug discovery combines artificial intelligence and the power of plants to find new treatments based on traditional medicine from around the world,” said Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, President, Chief Science Officer, and Director of Gb Sciences. “Our latest patent-protected formulations will potentially help those who are afflicted with advanced heart disease, and they may be useful for the prevention of TRPV1-associated hearing loss and urinary cystitis because of their activity at that important receptor.”

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Gb Sciences is committed to developing cannabis- and plant-inspired therapies for the prescription drug market that treat advanced heart disease. Gb Sciences’ patent covers methods of treatment using optimized mixtures of cannabis-derived compounds as the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (“API”), regardless of whether the individual compounds are derived from the cannabis plant, another plant, synthetically produced, or derived from a combination of sources. Gb Sciences’ formulations will be produced using synthetically manufactured molecules that are exact copies of the plant-based ingredients that inspired these formulations, but without the need to grow plants to obtain these ingredients.

Currently, Gb Sciences has been issued four U.S. patents for the therapeutic use of plant-derived mixtures. These minimum essential mixtures act as therapeutic agents for specific disease categories including Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, TRPV1-receptor-related disorders, and the orphan-disease, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS). Gb Sciences also licenses two issued U.S. patents that cover methods of treating TRPV1-receptor-related disorders. Gb Sciences has three issued patents outside the U.S. and many pending patent applications in the U.S. and internationally. Gb Sciences’ novel PhAROS™ drug discovery platform is also patent pending.