After a brief statewide outage in Metrc on Monday brought dispensary sales in Missouri to a halt – several dispensaries around the state were seemingly impacted for a second time on Tuesday, that wasn’t the case.

Monday’s issue was attributed to a programming error, according to the Department of Health and Senior Services.

However, Tuesday’s issue was an integration error attributed to third-party software according to Metrc.

“While our system is not experiencing a statewide outage, we are aware of an issue which affected performance slowdowns for integration of third-party connections to our systems in Missouri,” the company told Greenway in a statement. “This issue impacted select point-of-sale integrators and is currently resolved. We do not anticipate further disruptions to our systems; however, we are actively monitoring the situation to immediately resolve any further issues should they arise. We remain committed to creating an optimal user experience for all.”


Earlier this month, Metrc announced the end of tag fees for Missouri licensees. In a support bulletin issued February 1, Metrc informed users that effective immediately, all tag orders will no longer have an associated tag charge per plant or product. Additionally, all current tag purchase agreements will be null, replaced by the updated language to the tag order process. The update comes after a more than two-year battle over the right for Metrc to charge tag fees. In September of 2019, Metrc sued the state of Missouri contending at the time that officials had provided conflicting information about what the company is, and is not, allowed to charge to a business.


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