One of the biggest cannabis companies in Texas now has the highest-dosage medical cannabis product available on the state’s market.

Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation expanded its gummy lineup to now include 20-milligram THC units, the highest dosage allowed under the state’s recently updated program.

The new product dosage was approved during last year’s legislative session, when state lawmakers also expanded qualifying conditions—to include cancer patients and those with post-traumatic stress disorder—and raised the THC limit for medical cannabis from 0.5% to 1%.

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Offering stronger products will benefit the state’s medical cannabis patients, many of whom are veterans or suffering from cancer, Texas Original CEO Morris Denton told NBC-affiliate KNAX.

“We needed to make a stronger product that would allow them to get to their target dose as prescribed by their doctor, without consuming a whole lot of byproducts,” he said.

Texas Original’s new product is a THC-only gummy—debuting with a strawberry passionfruit flavor—which the company describes as fast-acting to offer patients a more efficient treatment option to mitigate symptoms such as pain, insomnia, night terrors and nausea, according to the company’s press release.

Ahead of the gummies’ launch, Texas Original conducted a trial with PTSD patients to evaluate the product’s efficacy and onset, as well as the overall patient experience. According to the company, the majority of the study’s participants use medical cannabis to counteract pain, insomnia and anxiety.

“The feedback from our patients and physicians about Texas Original’s 20-mg gummies has been overwhelmingly positive,” Denton said in the release. “Patients are experiencing smooth, lasting effects with a quicker onset and are leaving their heavy, traditional pharmaceuticals behind.”

Trial participants unanimously reported symptom alleviation from the new product, and also indicated that the 20-milligram dosage allowed them to ingest less product to reach their prescribed amounts of THC faster, according to the company.