Feb. 22, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE –
Ayr Wellness Inc., a leading vertically
integrated multistate cannabis operator, announced the launch of Changing Legacies, a series of record
expungement clinics scheduled to take place Feb. 27, 2022.

part of the series, Ayr has partnered with numerous not-for-profit and
community organizations with expertise in social justice and legal and criminal
justice reform. The company and its partners specifically designed each clinic
to assist individuals in expunging cannabis and other nonviolent crimes from
their records, allowing an opportunity for a fresh start.

the legalization of [medical] cannabis across 35-plus states—two-thirds of the
U.S. population—the criminal justice system still grapples with a host of
issues related to the war on drugs, which continues to disproportionately
impact Black and Brown Americans,” said Jonathan Sandelman, founder, chairman
and CEO of Ayr. “We believe it is critical to be part of the solution to these
issues, addressing the harms of the past and creating opportunity for the
future. The main objective of our Changing Legacies program is to create an
ecosystem of support, partnership and hope for that better future. We thank our
partnering organizations for making an event like this possible.”

will host these expungement events in conjunction with local community partners
in multiple states across the country, including Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey,
Illinois and Nevada. These events will serve as models for similar events going
forward, expressing Ayr’s ongoing commitment to righting harms of the past and
creating opportunities for the future.

partners play an essential role in promoting equity and fairness in cannabis in
America, and Ayr is actively seeking more partnership opportunities for similar
events in the future. If you are interested in collaborating with Ayr, please
reach out to

information regarding Ayr’s Changing
Legacies events, along with Ayr’s latest social impact activations,
can be found on the Ayr Wellness Social Impact Instagram page, @ayrsocialimpact.