In honor of Valentine’s Day, Planet 13 began hosting vow renewals and wedding ceremonies earlier this month to allow couples to celebrate their love with cannabis.

“We partnered with a group in town. Their focus is cannabis weddings, and it’s always something that we’ve really toyed around with, creating a wedding venue,” Planet 13 VP of Sales and Marketing David Farris told Cannabis Business Times.

As some of Nevada’s COVID-19 mandates begin to lift, the company’s Las Vegas dispensary has made wedding offerings a priority.

Earlier this month, Planet 13 announced it would act as a wedding venue, and the company has already hosted a handful of vow renewals. Farris said the company also has larger weddings planned for the coming months.

A third-party company sets the wedding packages, works with the couples directly to plan the events, and even provides an ordained minister to perform the ceremonies.

The packages are also customizable to allow couples to bring their ideas to life, Farris said.

“One thing that we’ve found is people have their own dream of what they want their wedding to be, so sometimes the cookie-cutter packages aren’t a fit for them,” he said. “We’ve really allowed it to be more free ranging.”

Couples can choose certain details for their cannabis-themed wedding, such as a bouquet that incorporates artificial cannabis plants, a cannabis-themed cake or chocolates in the shape of cannabis leaves.

Planet 13 has an on-site restaurant and bar that can cater the weddings, and couples can even get married in the bar or restaurant, if they so choose.

The concept of cannabis-themed weddings is new not only to Planet 13, but also to the state’s regulators, and compliance remains the company’s biggest priority, Farris said.

“We don’t want to do anything that puts licenses in jeopardy or creates any larger-scale issues,” he said. “So, we’re very by the book and strict in that way.”

The company’s No. 1 rule is that the weddings cannot incorporate actual cannabis, and the couples cannot consume cannabis during the events.

“Sometimes, it’s just setting the standard that some of the things that look like cannabis in our public areas on our licensed property are fake,” Farris said. “It’s something that we’re working on, is better explaining those packages so the public knows, and also our regulators.”

Overall, the initial feedback from the local community has been positive, he said, and the weddings have drawn a lot of media attention.

“The couples have been very excited and great about doing interviews about it and talking about it,” Farris said. “We’ve had a great response from the local community with people who just love the concept.”

Planet 13’s overall goal is to continue to build out its wedding offerings to one day offer much larger-scale events.

“I think we’re showing that this is a multiuse facility and the whole reason we built this thing is to be able to do really cool things like this that maybe nobody else can,” Farris said.