The list for pesticides that can be used on cannabis without being a violation of the Pesticide Applicators’ Act has been updated. Please note the following products have been added:

AnnihilationEarth’s Ally 3in1 Spray ConcentrateEarth’s Ally 3in1 Spray RTUEarth’s Ally 3in1 Insect Control ConcentrateEssentria IC4 Insect ConcentrateGrower’s Ally Crop Defender 3 (Concentrate)Grower’s Ally Crop Defender 3 (RTU)Mad Farmer Root ItReset

To view the updated list, click here for a pdf or click here for an Excel form. For questions regarding this change, contact Jolynn Morris at (303) 869-9060 or email

The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) is currently reviewing pesticide labels upon request and maintaining a list of products whose label it has reviewed that it believes could be used on marijuana without violating 35-10-117(1)(i), as long as the applicator follows the label directions.

Please be sure to review the list; pesticide products may be removed from the allowed products list if the registrant has not renewed their pesticide product with the Department. Use of unregistered pesticides on cannabis would be a violation of the Pesticide Applicators’ Act.

Stay Informed

For the latest information on CDA’s Pesticides Program, visit these important webpages:

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