Growers now have the ability to maximize the genetic potential of their crop using Climate Control Systems’ Precision Fertigation Manager (FCS2).

“By using our proprietary programming advancements in the evolution of fertigation, we have been able to leap beyond our competitors in identifying obstacles and inefficiencies that have haunted growers globally,” states Ian Morrell, head of sales for Climate Control Systems Inc.

Developed in partnership with the Harrow Research and Development Centre and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Fertigation CS2 (FCS2) is a next-gen fertigation system featuring targeted PPM nutrient and recipe management with full local data storage.

FCS2 offers true multi-layered precision control of fertilizer feeding formulas at a previously unheard-of level, allowing growers to explicitly set variables at a PPM level to ensure crops have exactly the nutrients they require at the time they require them. 

With the capability to specify up to 100 grow zones, and 100 feed formula schedules within each, this system has the potential to sustain 100 individually monitored crops in each grow zone.

With local data stored on-site, FCS2 gives you instant access to real-time monitoring and historical data visualized in graphs and trends to analyze your extensive growing information. Everything you ever wanted to know, at your fingertips.

By recording the nutrient levels from up to 25 different water/leachate sources, FCS2 will automatically calculate what additives are required in combination with any pre-existing elements to certify that your precise PPM feed formula is delivered to your individual grow zones.

FCS2 has the capacity to record and manage up to 150 different recipes, each with their own PPM-based nutrient levels. Ensure that the optimum feed is being delivered to your crop at each stage of its development to maximize your yields.

“I am excited to be programming and utilizing the power of our Epic Controller by OPTO 22, which allows our customers to have instant access, anywhere and due to the expandability, true customization will supply you with the data you need to optimize your growth,” states Andre Bilek, Head of Controls and Software Engineering at Climate Control Systems Inc.

This EPIC Controller by OPTO 22 is everywhere and is responsible for controlling the fountains at the Bellagio to the refrigeration of food for more than 12 million people in Spain. Even provides safe navigation and landing of aircrafts at major international airports. “If high end industries are willing to use this technology to ensure accuracy and accountability, we have to follow suit and ensure we are providing that same level of advanced technological controllers to our customers, because, frankly, they deserve the same level,” states Hari Krithivasan, CEO, Nebula Group.

When asked how they came up with the unique upgrades to the fertigation system, Morrell mentions that “with the excellent feedback obtained from continuous conversations with our customers globally, we found a similar set of requests for what the system needs to be able to do. We now feel that we have achieved these requirements and much more.”

Climate Control Systems’ corporate innovated direction is to include this advanced technology within its water treatment, water sanitization systems and its climate control systems.