DENVER, Colo. – February 10, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE – The Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) released December 2021 cannabis sales figures and January 2022 cannabis tax and fee revenue figures, and reports a new record for cannabis sales in a single year. In 2021, Colorado reports over $2.22 billion from marijuana sales (compared to the previous record of over $2.19 billion in 2020). Here is the summary:


Date Marijuana Tax and Fee Revenue January 2022 $30,781,021 January 2022 Calendar Year Total $30,781,021 To Date Total (since February 2014) $2,049,714,026


Date Marijuana Sales December 2021 $168,041,594  January – December 2021 Calendar Year Total $2,228,994,553 To Date Total (since January 2014) $12,207,788,626


The Marijuana Sales Reports summarize total sales made by medical
and retail cannabis stores monthly by county. The Marijuana Tax Reports show
state tax and fee revenue collected monthly as posted in the Colorado state
accounting system. Tax revenue comes from the state sales tax (2.9%) on
cannabis sold in stores, the state retail cannabis sales tax (15%) on retail
cannabis sold in stores, and the state retail cannabis excise tax (15%) on
wholesale sales/transfers of retail cannabis. Fee revenue comes from cannabis license and application fees.

To view the full reports, please visit the following CDOR Office of Research and Analysis (ORA)’s webpages: