The Utah Cannabinoid Product Board has taken a stance against delta-8 THC after patient advocates and some of the state’s pharmacists have been raising awareness about the potential health effects of medical cannabis products that contain the compound, according to a local KUER report.

“They still say it today that the delta-8 will help treat your symptoms without getting you high,” Mindy Madeo, a pharmacist at Beehive Farmacy in Brigham City, told the news outlet. “So, if you don’t want to get high, you should use delta-8. But to me, that’s a very dangerous statement for something that is psychoactive.”

The Utah Cannabinoid Product Board has heard from researchers and reviewed literature on delta-8, and board members voted unanimously Feb. 8 to take a stance against the compound, as well as other “analog cannabinoids,” according to KUER.

“At this time, there is no evidence of therapeutic benefit of the analog derived synthesized cannabinoids, [including] delta-8 THC,” Dr. Perry Fine, chair of the Utah Cannabinoid Product Board, told the news outlet. “Risks have been described by federal regulatory bodies and peer reviewed publications regarding delta-8 THC. At this time, we do not support any therapeutic uses of analog cannabis products.”

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The board will share its position with state leaders, who would be responsible for making legislative changes to Utah’s delta-8 policy.

Rich Oborn, director of the Center for Medical Cannabis at the Utah Department of Health, told KUER that “the board and its recommendations do hold a lot of value in policy, and we would hope that they would continue to be considered as a factor in decisions that the policymakers make.”