Las Vegas, NV, February 07, 2022 — PRESS  RELEASE — Mobius, a manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis trimming and automation equipment, released on Tuesday a landmark guide explaining Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cannabis processing.

The downloadable PDF seeks to simplify the complex yet important topic of GMP with “plain-English translations” backed by insight from industry experts.

“We released the Ultimate Guide to a GMP-Certified Cannabis Trimming Workflow to resolve our customers’ most critical concerns about certification and safety,” said Amanda James, Director of Strategy and Business Development at Mobius.

GMP compliance is crucial for protecting human health and is mandatory for most consumer goods. Yet GMP standards apply flexibly, causing confusion in the cannabis industry where many processes—such as cannabis and hemp trimming—are novel.

“We’ve worked with GMP consultants in the US, Canada, Europe, and South America,” said James. “And we’ve combined that knowledge into this guide, which hopefully makes GMP easier for cultivators.”

Experts foresee GMP mandates in all countries where cannabis is federally legalized. In the U.S., some state jurisdictions require GMP for cannabis processors now. And whether GMP is required or not, many business-to-business cannabis buyers demand GMP certification for safety assurance.

In Canada, where Mobius is located, all licensed producers must be GMP-certified. Those mandates have put the company—which manufactures high-end, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis trimmers—at the forefront of GMP implementation.

Mobius’s 41-page guide is an actionable resource that includes:

GMP checklists for sanitation, equipment, and personnelExpert guidance on how to prepare for a GMP certificationBest practices for equipment maintenance, sanitation, and assessmentA sample audit form to begin the planning process

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