TORONTO, Feb. 8, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – Tilray Brands Inc., a leading global cannabis-lifestyle and consumer packaged goods company, announced the launch of Tilray Medical, a global medical platform that unifies the company’s medical cannabis brands under one strategy, mission and vision. 

Denise Faltischek, head of international and chief strategy officer, said, “Tilray is the global leader in the advancement of cannabinoid-based medicine, with a focus on providing research-backed medical cannabis products to physicians, pharmacies and patients. By unifying the global medical divisions of Tilray and Aphria under a cohesive strategy and mission, Tilray Medical emerges as the premier global supplier of a portfolio of high-quality, effective medical cannabis brands and products for patients in need around the world.”

Under the Tilray Medical consolidation plan, patients in Canada will have the broadest access to the company’s medical cannabis brands and product choices globally, including Tilray, Aphria, Broken Coast, and Symbios. Subject to local regulatory approvals, Tilray Medical’s global portfolio of medical cannabis products includes high-quality and GMP-certified flower, oils, vapes, edibles and topicals. Looking ahead, Tilray Medical will continue to expand its offering to patients worldwide.

For more information on Tilray Medical, visit Tilray Medical Canada, Tilray Medical Australia, Tilray Medical Australia-New Zealand, Tilray Medical Europe.