PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PRESS RELEASE — Thompson Duke Industrial, a provider of cannabis oil vaporizer device filling and capping equipment, is now providing automated solutions for filling and capping the Dablicator Oil Applicator. The patented Dablicator Oil Applicator, invented by California’s Jetty Extracts, is designed to precisely dispense cannabis oil, CBD, live resin and related products for various medical and adult use applications. Thompson Duke’s equipment allows the Dablicator Oil Applicator to be filled at scale by automating the filling and capping processes. 

“One of our primary goals as a company is to help our clients and partners create lasting, significant efficiencies on the manufacturing floor,” said Chris Gardella, Chief Technology Officer for Thompson Duke Industrial. “Our partnership with Dablicator Oil Applicator is a good example of achieving this goal. They were looking for a way to provide a filling and capping solution for their devices, at scale, to meet the growing demand in the cannabis industry. Our equipment helps their customers’ production by automating a formerly manual process.” 

Thompson Duke’s automated IZR and ACF1 industrial filling machines are capable of dispensing various viscosity oils to fill the Dablicator Oil Applicator with extreme accuracy, precision and repeatability. Thompson Duke has also created a custom method and solution for capping the Dablicator Oil Applicator using the company’s LFP Press. The LFP press is a benchtop, fully pneumatic four-ton industrial press, capable of rapidly capping a large array of Dablicator Oil Applicators. These industrial solutions developed by Thompson Duke allow the Dablicator Oil Applicator partners to fill large orders quickly and efficiently. 

Mike McDonald, president of Dablicator, said, “Demand for Dablicator Oil Applicator is increasing dramatically. We are excited about the custom and innovative solutions Thompson Duke Industrial has created for our partners. These solutions will make possible the fulfillment of much larger orders in far shorter timeframes. Thank you Thompson Duke!”