Missouri sold $26.59 million worth of medical marijuana at retail during the month of January 

After eight consecutive months of record-setting sales, Missouri’s medical marijuana market didn’t set a new sales record to ring in the new year. While that may be perceived as a step backward, a closer look at the numbers shows that despite not setting a new record, January was the second highest-grossing month of retail sales since the program’s inception. In December, dispensaries sold $28.91 million in medical cannabis to licensed patients in Missouri. Prior to that the record monthly sales were set in November, when total monthly sales topped $25 million for the first time.

Missouri ended 2021 amassing $215.08 million in cumulative sales, with $209.75 of that brought in 2021 alone.

Missouri is projected to bring in over $300 million in retail revenue in 2022 alone, eclipsing annual sales in 2021 by nearly $100 million.

Comparing monthly sales figures from January 2021 to January 2022 may be somewhat misleading, given the number of facilities, products, and variety, it is worth noting and is of substantial interest to see how far the state has come in a short period of time.

As of February 1, 2021, Missouri claimed 76,734 medical marijuana patients with 35 dispensaries approved to operate. January 2021 say $4.52 million in retail sales. 

As of February 1, 2022, Missouri had 165,763 active patients, 185 dispensaries approved to operate, and brought in $26.59 million in retail revenue for the month of January.

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