SELMA, California, February 7, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE – Ethylene Control Inc. (ECI) is excited to add StayFresh products to its lineup. StayFresh destroys all forms of microbial life, including powdery mildew, molds and rots, viruses, and all forms of bacteria and their spores throughout your greenhouse, grow rooms, and store rooms. StayFresh is also used to remove odors and leaves no residue.

This new patented product works hand in hand with our SuperFresh media in our EC-3+ Clean Air Systems. Here is how it works: the StayFresh BIG BAG SUPER CHARGES our SuperFresh media that kills microbial life and removes ethylene gas. The StayFresh BIG BAG is placed on top of our media and takes the destroying power out into the room to eliminate microbial life and odors throughout your cold storage room.

We also have StayFresh HVAC/Coil MAINTENACE and WIPEOUT Shock treatment for HVAC/Coils.

The Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) Stayfresh media enhances our Super Fresh media.

ECI’s STAYFRESH vs Ozone: This is a direct food intervention comparison, but it shows the important phenomena. STAYFRESH has a hundred-fold greater solubility than ozone. This means it transfers from the gas to the liquid phase (on surfaces of coils, bio-aerosols, and of course, fruits and veggies). STAYFRESH produces a dry gas which provides even greater selectivity in the way it works in the gas phase, meaning you do not experience the corrosion etc., that often goes with using ozone. And because you don’t have to use such high doses, this also provides you with greater worker safety.

ECI’s STAYFRESH vs UV Catalytic: Generally speaking, UV catalytic is limited in efficacy and only treats the air it sees. STAYFRESH is more unique for the same reason vs. ozone. Just a better, selective, oxidizer that can move. Working with your air movement and the Ethylene Control EC-3+ Clean Air system will release product throughout the room. There really is no comparison.

Please contact Dave Biswell at with any questions.