Los Angeles, CA – PRESS RELEASE – The Terpene Store has had its famous Skunkify product on the market for over four years and has decided to expand its Enhancers line to give customers more choices to precisely tune their flavor. Skunkify is a terpene enhancing solution that has an intense skunky aroma and flavor. The Skunkify product is one of The Terpene Store’s top selling products and is the inspiration for a whole new line of Enhancers.

The new Enhancers include Hazify, Kushify, Gasify, Milkify and Dankify. These products are designed to add those certain flavor notes that are essential to cannabis. These are highly concentrated and must be mixed with other terpenes before adding to the final product. A little goes a long way and each of these new Enhancers elevate existing terpene profiles. With the new Enhancer line, companies can upgrade their flavor for as little as one cent per product.