On January 20 representatives of the Legal Missouri and Fair Access Missouri campaigns will join moderator Brennan England, Missouri State Director of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, for a thoughtful discussion of the proposed initiatives, legalization, and impact on minorities both in and out of the cannabis industry.

The event will span 90 minutes with organized speaking blocks, crossfire, rebuttal, and questions from a live audience. 

Participants are scheduled to include John Payne, Campaign Manager of Legal Missouri and Eric McSwain, spokesperson for Fair Access Missouri. 

Each speaker will have 7 minutes of uninterrupted time to cover some of the main points that affect all Missourians but specifically minorities affected by the war on drugs. This will be followed by a series of cross-examinations, questions from the audience, and closing remarks. 

Those questions are scheduled to include:

Does this initiative lower the barriers to entry for both employment and corporate level ownership in the cannabis industry, specifically for minorities affected by the war on drugs? If not, explain why. 
How does this initiative remove opportunities to criminalize those that consume, possess or grow the plant? If not, explain why. 
Does this initiative not only free all prisoners with non violent marijuana offenses at any level but also 1) repair their lives and 2) give them direct opportunity in the legal cannabis industry? If not, explain why. 
“How do we fix the existing imbalances in minority employment and ownership in the cannabis industry?” 
Many Missourians feel that restrictive licensing processes and limited awardees creates a bottleneck that inherently enables the corporate systemic racism that is historically prevalent in other markets. How does your initiative speak to this issue? If not, explain why. 
Simply put, why is your initiative the best option for Missourians, specifically minorities, in 2022? 

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