CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 3, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – AB Lighting—a U.S.-based premier LED grow light provider with a focus on the cannabis industry—announced it will be unveiling its new LED grow light, the AB520, at CannaCon Northeast Cannabis Expo Jan. 7-8, 2022.   

With early stage growing being a critically important part of the cannabis grow process, many grow lights are not ideal for early growth. Recognizing this need, AB Lighting created the AB520 as a top lighting solution designed for indoor cannabis cultivation. Designed mainly for the veg room, the AB520 can also be used in the mother room. It has a PPF of 1200-1300 umol/s, 520W input power, 0-10V dimming and has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. 

AB Lighting’s grow lights are best-in-class products backed by science to help growers reach a higher yield. With about 70% of new grow lighting installations being LED, there is a demand for high-quality lighting at a competitive price. While the cannabis industry is relatively in its infancy, AB Lighting hits the market backed by 30 years of R&D and is working with a highly experienced manufacturer to bring the best performing grow lights to growers. AB Lighting’s grow lights produce far more photosynthesis, take a lot less power than alternative lighting and produce less heat—meaning they help growers grow more product, grow product faster and produce a higher quality of product for sales. 

“LED grow lighting plays a significant role in the cannabis grow process, and we have tuned the full spectrum on this AB520 grow light perfectly for the veg stage,” said Mark Honeycutt, founder of AB Lighting. “Also, validated by third-party test labs, the PPFD distribution is consistent over the canopy, providing uniform growth of all the plants. We created the AB520 because we recognize that grow lights are not a one-size-fits-all solution to growing. At AB Lighting, we are striving to create the most diverse line of lighting products to accommodate the needs of all growers, no matter which stage.” 

Earlier this year, AB Lighting announced its AB840, AB780 and AB960 grow lights.  

AB840: A 1-to-1 replacement HPS solution and designed for indoor cannabis cultivation or a greenhouse supplemental. It has a PPF of 2100 umol/s, 840W input power, 0-10V dimming and has a lifespan over 50,000 hours. AB780: Designed for indoor cannabis cultivation. It has a PPF of 2067 umol/s, 780W input power, 0-10V dimming and has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. AB960: A high-intensity, top-lighting solution designed for indoor cannabis cultivation. It has a PPF of 2400 umol/s, 960W input power, 0-10V dimming and has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.  

Find AB Lighting at CannaCon Northeast, Jan. 7-8, 2022, Booth 237

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