DENVER, Colo. – December 22, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE – The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) released licensee demographic data for December 2021. The Division is committed to reporting information that allows the state and members of the public to understand the diversity landscape of Colorado’s Regulated Marijuana industry and measure progress on statewide social equity-related initiatives. Based on this data, minorities comprise 16.6% of owner licensees, an increase from the June 2021 baseline number of 15.2%. The following tables provide additional insights into the demographics of Colorado’s commercial marijuana industry.

Regulated Marijuana License Demographic Information – Dec. 1, 2021

MED’s Wildly Important Goal (WIG) FY 21-22: Promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in the marijuana industry, measured by an increase in minority-ownership of marijuana businesses from 15.2% to 16.8% by June 30, 2022.

As of Dec. 1, 2021, there are 46 approved Social Equity licensees (9 issued in November).

Dec. 1, 2021 Race/Ethnicity Data:

Employee Licenses: Approximately 45% or 19,164 Employee licenses did not disclose or their race/ethnicity is unknown. Owner Licenses: Approximately 12% or 230 Owner licenses did not disclose or their race/ethnicity is unknown. Employee Licenses: Those who disclosed their race/ethnicity as Caucasian held 66.7% of Employee licenses, compared to 6.2% who disclosed themselves as Black, and 17.0% for those who disclosed themselves as Hispanic/Latino.Owner Licenses: Those who disclosed themselves as Caucasian held 83.4% of owner licenses, compared to 2.8% for those who disclosed themselves as Black and 7.9% for Hispanic/Latino.

Overall Individual License Data

As of Dec. 1, 2021

Dec. 1, 2021 Gender Data: 99% Response Rate. 

Employee Licenses: Women hold approximately 39% of employee licenses.   Owner Licenses: Women hold about 19% of owner licenses.

Gender Data:

The Division began reporting aggregate demographic data in April 2021. For the full demographic data report, and to see reports from previous months, please visit the MED Demographic Data page here.


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