Missouri’s medical cannabis industry is up and running and what has been the most noticeable, is the absence of People of Color.  This is now changing.

After participating in the extremely competitive application process and not only being awarded a license but also completing and passing her Commencement Inspection from the state, successful business owner, Adrienne Scales-Williams is excited to launch her medical cannabis dispensary, Luxury Leaf in January of 2022.

“I have been committed to the process and just stuck with it as closely as I could,” answers Adrienne when asked about the amount of time invested in such a venture.  She has been a long-term entrepreneur and understands the ups and downs of highly regulated industries.  Her commitment to the cannabis industry comes easily when you understand that she has been in a male-dominated business world for most of her life.

Luxury Leaf

“Business is commonly filled with men, and even with my understanding of this, I didn’t focus on that as a negative.  I kept my focus and pushed full force throughout all of my endeavors.”  Adrienne has been recognized as one of the top 25 minority businesses in St. Louis, Mo.

When questioned about the lack of diversity in the industry, she speaks to her goals, “…of wanting to be a successful dispensary servicing ALL.”  Adrienne understands what comes with such a venture and she has always wanted a high-quality, beautiful, and inviting facility where everyone feels welcomed.

Why cannabis?  Adrienne quickly speaks to being an advocate for alternative medicines and wanting to be a part of a culture that promotes plants in healing.  “It was a no-brainer to me, to want to invest in something so innovative and great for patients.”  Adrienne understands what it means to be innovative, as her business initially focused on the printing industry, but she shifted her focus to strategic sourcing for casinos, as business needs started to change.  “Any business requires you to be agile and embracing of technology, the cannabis industry is forcing our traditional medical structures to reconsider and to embrace this old technology of healing.”

Adrienne Scales-Williams | Luxury Leaf

Adrienne has so many offerings, besides cannabis, that she wants to present to patients.  “I want patients to feel healing when they enter the dispensary space.  I will also offer virtual classes to keep education at the forefront of this industry.  In addition, it was important to have this business in the city of St. Louis, to closely engage the community in a very direct way.”

Luxury Leaf is located at 1463 South Vandeventer Avenue, St. Louis 63110

Find Luxury Leaf online at luxury-leaf.com and on Instagram at luxuryleafstl.




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