The Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) have issued a health and safety advisory after identifying a potentially unsafe cannabis concentrate produced by Innovative Fusion LLC, which does business as DRIP.

The DOR identified batches of medical and adult-use cannabis that had not been tested, were not tested properly, or were confirmed to contain levels of contaminants, potency, and/or homogeneity that were above the state’s acceptable limits.

The DOR and CDPHE have deemed all batches of medical and adult-use cannabis produced by DRIP to be a potential threat to public health and safety.

The contaminated or untested batches were sold to consumers in Colorado before Dec. 10, and the health and safety advisory states that consumers who experience adverse health effects after consuming the product should seek medical attention and report it to the dispensary where they purchased the product.

In addition, those who have cannabis products produced by the following licensees should return them to the dispensary where they were purchased:

Medical Marijuana Products Manufacturer License: 404-00615Retail Marijuana Products Manufacturer License: 404R-00338Retail Marijuana Products Manufacturer License: 404R-00355

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