As 2021 draws to a close, Missouri’s cannabis industry moves swiftly ahead. In just over 12 months since the first retail sale of legal medical marijuana in the state, the industry has begun to blossom and quickly moved to bloom.

Missouri has now approved over 170 dispensaries, 50 manufacturers, and 40 cultivation facilities for operation. Missouri also houses 19 companies approved as transportation operations and 7 testing labs that have been commenced.

Fiscally, the retail arm of the program has generated over $160 million to date and is expected to surpass $200 million by end of year 2021.

With this expansion comes a change in both how businesses operate as well as what they need. There’s less need now, in Missouri, for application consultants than in 2019, however, there remains a great need for expert litigators. The need for consultancy in many businesses has changed – fewer businesses are looking for retail design consultants or project managers, but an ever-growing need for education and training, compliance, and brand vision.

For patients, these changes and growth mean a wider variety of products and offerings, as well as new options for discretion and preference. 

Patients can be more particular about the quality, ingredients, production methods, and packaging that make up the products they buy. They can focus on not only what is immediately available, but also what they want from a product – because chances are someone is offering it.

Patients not only have more options in the products they purchase, they now have more freedom to choose where they purchase those items. With over 170 options statewide, patients have the ability to choose that location based on pricing, customer experience, product selection, or even based on offered services like delivery or patient education.

Missouri’s medical marijuana consumers will only continue to grow more educated and more discerning as the industry moves forward.

The changes to the industry over its first two years are reflected in the changes of Greenway’s Best of the Industry nomination list. As the market changes, so to will future editions of this list.

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