LAS VEGAS, Nevada, November 10, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE –¬†Terry Booth, CEO of Australis Capital Inc. (AUDACIOUS), an emerging global cannabis company with an expanding suite of multistate operations, is delighted to announce the company’s majority-owned subsidiary, ALPS, has entered into a partnership agreement with Priva. Priva is a technology company in the development and sales of hardware, software, and data services in climate control, energy-saving and optimal water reuse. The partnership will focus on the joint marketing of ALPS’ advanced compliance and maintenance service solution, APIS, across the global horticulture industry.

Priva is a global supplier in environmental climate solutions for the horticulture sector, offering sustainable solutions that optimize climate control and yield savings in energy and water utilization. Priva operates 16 offices globally, has a presence in over 100 countries and a substantial installed customer base of over 12,000 projects. With this strong foundation, the partnership between ALPS and Priva is well positioned to introduce the new APIS solution to a captive audience.

Compliance and risk reduction are increasingly becoming standard requirements for the horticultural industry. Increasingly, expectations and demands regarding the security of supply, while achieving optimal quality and efficiency, are getting stricter. Both companies believe they are well positioned to enhance solutions and operational protocols in food security, safety and compliance. Technology and innovation, core competencies for both companies, are essential to drive future success in the emerging field of industrial greenhouse management.

The ALPS team of specialists created the APIS system to provide a highly advanced, industrial-level compliance and (predictive) maintenance service solution specifically focusing on greenhouses and other indoor controlled environment agriculture operations. APIS consists of a suite of tools and services designed to help achieve good manufacturing practices (GMP) compliance and significantly improve maintenance effectiveness, efficiencies, yield and predictive modeling. APIS integrates with multiple greenhouse sub-systems and processes to deliver significant overall process improvements, generating significant and sustainable ROI for operators.

“Partnering with Priva will be transformational for our business as it significantly expands our market reach,” said Thomas Larssen, ALPS president. “Like us, Priva is an integral part of the horticulture industry, is incredibly well respected, and has a global reach that is difficult to match. Partnering with Priva offers a significant opportunity for AUDACIOUS to accelerate the commercial rollout of its APIS system. This is a strong endorsement of the standing of and hard work by the ALPS team by the global leader in their field. We believe this partnership should contribute to strong revenue growth for ALPS and AUDACIOUS.”

“Rather than adapt and use existing systems from varying industries and suppliers with no roots in our sector, we opted to build our APIS solution ourselves from the ground up,” Larssen added. “APIS meets the needs of today, while ensuring operations are future proof. This truly is a system of the industry, by the industry and for the industry, and that’s why interest is so high.”

“Priva and ALPS are the gold standard in our respective segments of the horticulture value chain,” said John van der Wilk, Priva vice president of strategic partnerships and business development. “With the partnership between Priva and ALPS, we can provide optimal compliance solutions, using our latest Priva cloud technology, integrated with the APIS software. The APIS management module is geared towards full integration of multiple systems creating secure reports, dashboards and insights. We believe that our clients can benefit by adopting APIS and we are very excited to work with ALPS on marketing this new offering.”