Cannabis cultivation is a multi-variable equation; you cannot simply change X and expect Y without impacting Z (or A, B and C, for that matter). Very few agricultural products are as picky or delicate when it comes to optimal growing conditions for the highest quality product. While lighting is a massively important variable, it is far from the only one.

If you are considering lighting changes, especially in your prime cultivation space where product is destined for sale, it is best to make slow, incremental changes with R&D-dedicated plants and closely observe the results.

In GreenSeal’s lighting research trials, we’ve seen small changes in lighting variables lead to some pretty dramatic changes—both positive and negative—in yield, cannabinoid and terpene content, nutrient deficiencies, humidity and more. While some results become apparent overnight, others take a full harvest cycle or multiple cycles to confirm. As frustrating as it may be to wait to observe results, it is far better than growing a batch of unsellable flower.  

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