Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board has extended the deadline for dispensaries to exercise their licenses in order to give operators time to wait out local moratoriums that are keeping their businesses in limbo.

Entrepreneurs were up against a February 2022 deadline to get their retail operations up and running, but regulators have given them an extra year, until February 2023, to wait out their municipalities’ bans on cannabis businesses, according to a Nevada Current report.

The Cannabis Compliance Board voted unanimously Oct. 26 to extend the deadline, the news outlet reported, effectively delaying the final inspections for Essence Henderson LLC, Essence Tropicana LLC, Pure Tonic Concentrates LLC, Green Therapeutics LLC and HH Sub One LLC, which are all in the crosshairs of local moratoriums.

The move has been applauded by Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerbloom, who told the Nevada Current that licensees should have more time to wait out local moratoriums “or be allowed to transfer to another jurisdiction.”

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