The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Board (CCB) recently gained five new members appointed by State Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg. 

The 25-member board provides the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) with recommendations regarding the regulation and taxation of cannabis in the state. The board is comprised of individuals who are experts in cannabis cultivation, sciences and toxicology, retail, product manufacturing, and legal services, WWLP news reported

The new CCB members appointed by Goldberg are listed in the article as follows:

Amanda Rostiano, principal of Rostiano Strategies, a cannabis consulting firm. Rostiano is known for her expertise in cannabis product manufacturing.Alan Balsam Ph.D., MPH, adjunct associate professor at Tufts Medical School and Boston University School of Public Health. Balsam is an expert in cannabis laboratory sciences and toxicology.Marion McNabb, DrPH, MPH, president of Cannabis Center of Excellence, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization that conducts citizen-science-focused population studies and programs. McNabb was appointed for her knowledge in cannabis retail.Michael Dundas, chair of the Cannabis Industry Subcommittee and head of Navigaire Advisors, a business and government consultancy. Dundas is also the former co-founder and chief executive officer of one of Massachusetts’s largest medical cannabis companies. He is an expert in cannabis cultivation.Laury Lucien, CEO of Major Bloom, LLC, a Massachusetts-based dispensary. Lucien is also a Massachusetts cannabis attorney and was appointed for her expertise in providing legal services to cannabis businesses.

“I am pleased to appoint these members to the Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board,” Goldberg said. “I am confident they will have a meaningful impact on the regulation of the cannabis industry across our state.”



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