New legislation in Luxembourg would legalize adult-use cannabis.

Under the bill, adults 18 and older would be allowed to grow up to four plants at home for personal use, making Luxembourg the first European country to legalize the cultivation and use of cannabis, according to a CNN report.

The legislation also allows the trading of cannabis seeds, the news outlet reported, and does not limit the THC level.

The bill would also lessen the current penalties for cannabis possession, according to CNN. Fines would be reduced from between $291 and $2910 to between $29 and $581 for possession offenses, according to CNN, although public consumption will remain illegal.

The push for cannabis legalization is aimed at cracking down on the illicit market and drug-related crime, CNN reported. The bill has the support of the government coalition, according to the news outlet, but it is currently awaiting a vote in parliament.

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