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by Greenway Team
16 June 2021

Father’s Day is this weekend, and for those who still haven’t found that perfect gift for Dad, Greenway has some unique gift ideas for cannabis-friendly dads.As the stigma erodes, cannabis becomes more socially accepted and commonplace. Some dads are turning to medical marijuana to avoid problematic medications and adverse side effects, while others have found a more enjoyable way to unwind than a glass of bourbon or a cigar. Whatever the reason, there are as many different types of dads who consume cannabis as there are ways and reasons to. So whether Dad smokes, dabs, imbibes, or eats his medicine, we hope he finds a way to celebrate his health in style for Father’s Day.

Blackbox Goods – The Vault

The Vault is the most impressive stashbox we’ve ever encountered. One thing to understand before purchase, this thing is not small. It’s roughly the size of a medium to large collapsible lunch box or a small tackle box. It’s not the most practical item for a dad who only needs to store a joint or one-hitter and a lighter. Having said that, this box comes to impress. The Vault is wrapped in carbon fiber and claims to be waterproof, shockproof, slashproof, crushproof, and impactproof. But is it? Well, the best part of my job is getting to test products, and boy did we test this. You can check out the full article on the test here. The highlights are, yes – it lived up to everything it claimed in our stress test. It has enough space for all of dad’s goods, room for glass, cushioned and customizable compartments, and it will take a beating and protect everything inside. The Vault is fairly inconspicuous amongst other travel essentials or camping/outdoor gear. Black and gray with a traditional carbon fiber style patterning, the Vault is impressively resistant to emitting odors, comes with a lock to keep its contents from unwanted hands, and is incredibly resilient and durable enough to protect anything inside from anything outside.

Houseplant – Car Lighter

The folks at Houseplant are making cannabis culture cool on many levels. Founded by Seth Rogen and with a product line that oozes contemporary cool with a flair for nostalgic reminiscence. An electric coil lighter, just like the one in that 89 Celebrity that Dad drove for a few summers, housed in a smooth block or green marble. No smoker would be unhappy to have the Houseplant Car Lighter on the side table in the den.

Harold – Wood Rolling Filter

Rolling a decent joint or cigarette is an art form, and fine art deserves appreciation. The folks at Harold show that appreciation with their Maple Wood Filters, hand-planing the filters from natural hardwood. Highly functional, the Harold filters add a sweet hint of maple to the draw, but not enough to distract from your favorite smoke. The first time using these filters creates a unique experience for those accustomed to smoking through paper or cardboard filters.

Stündenglass – Gravity Hookah

For anyone who enjoys glassware – Stündenglass is a premiere option and the Gravity Hookah is no exception. While hookah isn’t always associated with cannabis use, it’s fairly common for fans of both to cross the plane. For those who do enjoy hookah, the experience of medicating with cannabis with the Gravity Hookah is immensely enjoyable. The set includes an aluminum hookah bowl as well as a glass bowl. But dad can also connect any smoking or vaporization device with a 14mm male joint.  A 3-foot silicone hose is included, making it easy to enjoy.

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