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by Brandon Dunn
19 March 2021

Concentrates have arrived in Missouri.

It’s OFFICIAL! The first legal concentrate purchase has been made in the state of Missouri! Our hardworking, dedicated…

Posted by Cassville Dispensary on Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The Missouri market continues to move forward this week as more manufactured products begin to hit store shelves. Carroll County Cannabis Company (C4) has released the first bubble hash available in the state.

Also referred to as water hash for it’s extraction method, bubble hash is called so as it usually bubbles and melts when exposed to flame.

Generally speaking, bubble hash is a solvent-free concentrated form produced by separating trichomes from flower or trim using ice, water, agitation, and filtration. The resulting concentrate is high in terpenes, and while bubble hash doesn’t reflect the same staggeringly high THC percentages as solvent-based extractions, it generally tests around over 50%.

The first offering available from C4 was a 4 Star Bubba Fett Bubble Hash that tested at 55%.

Cassville Dispensary announced on March 17 that they had received C4’s first concentrates. Retailing for $40 per 0.5 gram, the supply sold out before the end of business the same day.

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