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by Kevin Ellison
4 March 2021

CST Transportation has been commenced by the Missouri DHSS to begin Transportation of Missouri Medical Marijuana

CST Transportation, a member of the CST Solutions Companies, announced today they have been commenced by the Missouri DHSS to begin transportation.

“We are providing the most reliable, secure, and customer-focused Transportation solution in the state. We use heavy-duty commercial vehicles to deal with all of the unexpected things that mother nature and other drivers may throw at us. We also monitor the vehicles in real-time so our dispatch can route vehicles around traffic, accidents, weather issues, and more.” says Kevin Ellison, CEO, and Co-Founder, at CST Solutions. “We won’t be the lowest priced Transportation company, but we are committed to being the best rather than the cheapest.”

“In addition to reliability and security, we transport cannabis products in a manner that allows for inventory control and regulatory compliance while maintaining logistical efficiency,” says David Wickerham, Chief Security Officer at CST Solutions. “We are a safety-first company. Our approach to transportation is proactive.”

“All facilities have specific regulatory requirements and internal procedures when dealing with any products containing THC,” says Kim Andrews, Chief Financial Officer at CST Solutions and General Manager, and Investor at OzarRX Botanicals. “As the General Manager of OzaRX Dispensary in Springfield, I know first hand what the pain points are for facilities when it comes to moving Cannabis products in and out of a facility. At CST Transportation we are using that real-world knowledge and hands-on experience to provide better service to our customers.”

CST Transportation is your trusted partner for legal, fully-insured, and secure transportation of all products, not just THC-specific items. We provide safe, discreet transport of Cannabis, Cannabis products, and CBD products while transporting anything that the client needs.

Whether you are a retailer, licensed manufacturer, or distributor of Cannabis products and merchandise, we have the necessary experience to ensure the safe, secure, and efficient transportation of Cannabis products between distributors and retail locations.

ABOUT CST TRANSPORTATION: CST Transportation is a part of the CST Solutions Group of companies that were voted the best security company in Missouri and named one of the top five cannabis consultants for security and technology. CST Solutions helps companies operating within the medical marijuana industry navigate the challenges of security, technology, and transportation. CST Solutions is a member of multiple industry groups such as MoCannTrade, SIA, Loss Prevention Foundation, and ASIS International. CST Solutions knows the regulations within the industry can make it difficult for cultivations and dispensaries to keep their licenses and to stay compliant and that is what CST Solutions is here to take care of for you – we keep you safe and compliant.  Our mission is to focus on providing the highest quality security and transportation solutions so that every employee feels safe and that the business can focus on its products and services in order to deliver the highest quality of care and medical benefits to all the communities of Missouri. Check us out at and  Follow Us on LinkedIn

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