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by Tracy Polanski
17 Feb 2021

Sinse Cultivation is pleased to announce the commencement of the first St. Louis city location. Sinse is putting Missouri-cultivated cannabis on the map with expert cultivation and curing, an impressive, state-of-the-art facility, and one of the most experienced and talented teams in the industry. Sinse will bring hand-selected genetics with an evolving catalog of strains to Missouri patients and is one of the largest facilities with three cultivation licenses.

Leading Sinse’s Cultivation Operations is Aaron Abrantes, a cannabis expert with over twenty years of experience in cultivation, consultation, and construction. During his decades as a grower, Aaron has shepherded hundreds of crops through harvest, managing both indoor and outdoor farms and leading teams as large as 100. He has a sophisticated understanding of plant physiology, and a honed ability to read crops and then determine plants’ environmental and nutritional needs. “We now have a full- scale harvest growing, poising the Sinse Cannabis’ cultivation team to be the most experienced legal cannabis growers in Missouri,” said Abrantes, Director of Cultivation, “Being the largest indoor cultivator in the state allows Sinse to produce consistent fine flower products our customers have come to expect,” he added. Abrantes wants people who are passionate about plants and the process on the team – a valuable skill that will be needed as more exciting things happen in the industry. “Cannabis is an industry where you can start at the bottom and build a long career,” he says.

Tammika DuPlantis gained her valuable experience working with a large multi-state-operator in Florida where she had the opportunity to grow quality medicine for patients there. When asked about what she brings to Sinse, she said, “Propagation skills – mass production in cloning is the future, and I have the experience and knowledge to teach others to see the same things I see in the plants and processes”. In 2006 she was involved in a bad car accident and was introduced to plant-based medicine as an alternative to prescription pain medications. Her first-hand experience with plant- based therapies is what led to her involvement in producing high quality medical cannabis for patients.

Brenton Schnelle brings a background of chemistry and biology with a degree in Unified Chemistry to the team. Unified Chemistry is basically the mixing of nutrients – what the plants are going to need and the chemistry behind what is used to feed the plants. The science relates to lighting and maximizing indoor yields by replicating the outdoor environment and taking it to a consistency level.

We have the ability to replicate this process where each crop, each round, will have consistent outcome from each plant. Schnelle believes in looking at employees as apprentices to teach them as the company builds so there is a strong foundation to continue the teaching and desire to learn. “My mission has always been to bring the cleanest cannabis to market, free from heavy metals, molds or mildews, and producing pharmaceutical grade products for those who need it,” says Schnelle.

Justin Sheffield – attended Middle Tennessee State University in the fall of 2006 to pursue a degree in Plant and Soil Science and a minor in Professional Piloting. While achieving his degree Justin received multiple undergraduate research grants for greenhouse-based agricultural research, held positions in department clubs, and completed an academic internship with an accepted invitation for full time employment at a local wholesale nursery. Shortly after graduating college Justin was offered a position at one of the largest medical marijuana operations in Colorado where he learned and practiced clean and compliant cultivation techniques. Justin has been immersed in cannabis cultivation since 2011 and brings his expertise to the Sinse cultivation team.

ABOUT SINSE: SINSE believes that cannabis is for everyone—and we’ve made it our mission to bring consistency, quality, and clarity to the industry. Backed by 12+ years of cultivation experience and deep roots in the cannabis community, SINSE offers tried-and-tested formulas to help unlock a healthier mind-body connection, enhance and elevate the everyday, and re-establish a relationship with this age-old health aid. An accessible, approachable attitude blended with next-level expertise: that’s SINSE. For more information please visit us at Interviews and photos available upon request.

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