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by Tammy Puyear
12 Feb 2021

As a dispensary licensee only, Kansas City Cannabis Company has the distinction of choosing from any products the licensed operators in Missouri have to offer – manufacturers who make edibles, vape carts, concentrates, topicals, prerolls; and from cultivators the flower that they believe will be the best choice for their patients.

So why the name?  Seems obvious, located in Kansas City, and serving patients of KC.  Kansas City Cannabis was chosen by the original team in the beginning.  It really reinforces the fact that the team and the company are all local.  Everyone on the team is from the KC Metro and we’re a hometown town.  In terms of the brands,

Kansas City Cannabis Co. dispensary under construction – photo provided

KCC will carry flower from Flora Farms – their partnership has been confirmed and product secured.  Forest Palmer, the man responsible for communications and marketing for the whole company, says, “We’re open to white labeling, and we certainly plan to partner with several manufactured brands, but right now we’re excited about our partnership with Flora Farms, out of Humansville.”

The KCC dispensaries, a total of 4 in all, will be located in Excelsior Springs, Blue Springs, Kearney, and Lee’s Summit.  The Blue Springs store, considered their flagship location, and Kearney store are the first planned to open.  KCC is actively using social media to advise of their updates.  Palmer says the menu will be the same at all four locations unless something is very popular at one location and not performing at another.

When we talked about product mix, Palmer said, “We’re going to have flower, edibles, tinctures, topicals, sublinguals, everything that “typical” dispensaries carry in other markets.  Our main focus will be on flowers, edibles, and concentrates.

Patient experience is a large part of the KCC team’s focus for their dispensaries, partially because the majority of the team members are also patients themselves.  “ We’re going to have telehealth access to cannabis nursing/pharmacists.  We’ll have health and wellness specialists in each location and they have training that is specialized for patients.  We’ll also have training for patients to help educate them about our products and how to use them, we have private consultation rooms in each location, for private discussions and smaller group training events.  In-house staff is building training programs and facilitating those patient events. Our Director of Dispensary Operations is John Ulrey, and like many of our staff members have extensive knowledge from other legal markets and bring a lot of experience to the table – which we see as a great benefit in terms of what they can advise might be good choices for patients and how to help them choose other products.” Palmer said educational materials will be in high supply as well – saying a long list of brochures will be available to patients – such as ailment specific documents to help patients make informed choices about specifically qualifying conditions in Missouri – inflammation, MS, Parkinsons, migraines, headaches, nausea.  Naturally, they’ll also provide the DHSS-required brochures about side effects, Missouri laws and regulations.

Kansas City Cannabis Co. dispensary under construction – photo provided

Palmer was quick to answer our last question with fervor – what is the ONE thing you want patients to know about KCC?  “The biggest and important thing to us is to integrate with our community. We want to be the company that enriches the areas around us. We support small business and provide good medicine – it’s not just that we sell marijuana.”

KCC attempts to engage with numerous businesses and causes; in fact, even their marketing efforts patronize local spots.  Future staff introductions via video for social media will be shot at The Bean Counter – inside of Colonial Gardens.

“Not only are we local born and bred KC natives, but we want to be a part of the communities we’re in.  We’ll use local outlets and assets to not only improve our clout, but to be a positive wave in the communities we operate in.  We see cannabis as a godsend – not only as patients ourselves but also to build up those around us.”

Sarah June Rost and Josh Henderson – both MMA fighters who are local athletes – are part of the community-related plan supported by KCC.  Other support organizations can receive from KCC to the community will include CannaConvicts, After Action Network, and a veteran hiring focus for those who are finished with active duty.

KCC will be enthusiastically promoting their dispensaries until opening and is extremely proud of their strategy and launch efforts. G

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