Cannabis Dispensary Magazine
by Andriana Ruscitto
11 Feb 2021

Ascend Wellness Holdings (AWH), a cannabis operator serving medical and adult-use cannabis across five states, announced its new partnership with 1906 to bring “Drops” to Illinois dispensaries.

Drops are in 1906’s best-selling line of swallowable pills, each ranging from 2.5mg of THC to 2.5-25mg of CBD per dose; they are tasteless and calorie-, gluten- and allergen-free, according to the release.

“The introduction of Drops means Illinoisans will finally have access to low-dose, rapid-onset cannabis in a non-combustible format,” the release states.

Drops are fast-acting and are available in six formulations that use organically-grown and pesticide-free cannabis. They are designed to elevate or help a person’s sleep, energy, anxiety, focus, mood or libido, the release states.

In addition to Drops, AWH announced it is also launching new live resin cartridges and PrePacks through its premium cannabis product line, Ozone.

“The live resin cartridges capture the essence of the whole flower in a vaporized form, and each strain of premium flower is extracted at the right time in sub-zero conditions to ensure the maximum amount of cannabinoids and terpenes are captured,” the release states.

Additionally, PrePacks are resealable, repackable and recyclable glass pipes prepackaged with .3 grams of top-shelf, hand-trimmed flower, the release states.

“We are constantly striving to add innovative products to consumers who are more discerning than ever before,” said Chris Melillo, AWH chief revenue officer, in an email to Cannabis Dispensary and Cannabis Business Times. “We’re proud to deliver product extensions like our Ozone Reserve Live Resin that captures the most complete cannabinoid profile or the unique 1906 Drops that represent a new frontier in cannabis medicine, both pathbreaking product formats our customers want.”

Illinoisans can get all three new products at dispensaries throughout the state, including MOCA and Midway dispensaries in Chicago and Ascend Dispensaries in Springfield and Collinsville, the release states.

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