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by Bethanie White
29 Dec 2020

CLOVR announced Tuesday that medical marijuana edibles will be in every dispensary across Missouri by the end of this week.

The demand for medical marijuana-infused edible products has grown exponentially since the legalization of medical marijuana by Missouri last year.

The edibles delivered this week include 100 mg units of Wana and Robhots gummies and 200 mg, non-carbonated, Keef beverages.

“Even before we completed the commencement process, people were asking when edibles would be in dispensaries. It is the number one question we hear,” CLOVR President, David Odell, said. “We are so excited to finally be able to deliver. To be able to help replace opiates with an edible is an honor we don’t take lightly. We will continue to do our best to create quality products for Missouri patients.”

Odell credits CLOVR’s license partners and production team with the quick launch.

“Our partners Wana, Robhots, and Keef have been vital in this process,” said Odell. “They are masters in their fields and have been tutoring us tirelessly to ensure we create the same consistent and effective products here in Missouri. The CLOVR production team has worked seven days a week to get products on shelves as quickly as possible and can now see the fruits of their labor.”

Edibles have the potential to bring relief to Missourians suffering from ailments such as chronic pain, cancer, anxiety, and other mental disorders. In some cases, edibles can provide alternative remedies to prescription medications, some of which can have addictive and disruptive side effects.

CLOVR plans to offer more edibles as the year progresses, expanding to include additional flavors, higher doses, and more product types such as chocolate bars and bonbons.

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First edibles in Missouri to be sold this week

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